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Template Design – Parks Canada Signage

Of all the templates I’ve created, the Parks Canada signage template would have to be the crown jewel. Not because the template itself is a thing a beauty, but because what it can do has arguably saved 100’s of people-hours* in producing sign drawings for Parks Canada’s nation-wide system of exterior signs.

The template was created in Adobe Illustrator and takes advantage of the application’s graphic- and typographic-style functions, and libraries.

For almost every possible sign type, precision, to-scale custom styles were built to address all possible colour options, border widths, corner radii, vinyl separations, and typographic size, colour, spacing, alignment and language dictionaries.

Application palettes from Adobe Illustrator, highlighting areas that were customized for this template.
Application palettes from Adobe Illustrator, highlighting the areas that were customized for this template: library of directional arrows for drag-and-drop application, paragraph styles for common sign messaging (in both English and French), graphic styles to accommodate all common sign-types (change colour and borders of sign panels with a single click), palette of official colour swatches, custom action to convert an approved drawing to fabrication-ready artwork, in a single click.
Application palettes from Adobe Illustrator, showing custom libraries of additional signage symbols.
Series of symbols palettes from Adobe Illustrator for drag-and-drop access to entire library of symbols in Parks Canada signage system: official Parks Canada identifiers, prohibition symbols, mandatory symbols, caution symbols, danger symbols, emergency symbols and information symbols.

*“saved 100’s of people-hours” is purely speculative based on my own experience creating sign drawings, but I dare say it’s still an accurate estimate. Within a handful of clicks you are able to accomplish what used to take upwards of an hour to complete, and the results are consistently more accurate with the template.

A primary template was able to accommodate 99% of required signage; however, a small number of specialty signs required their own templates which were built off the primary file, affording similar time savings.

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