Torngat Mountains National Park 2015 calendar

Print Design – Torngat Mountains

From the Inuktitut word Torngait, meaning “place of spirits,” the Torngat Mountains have been home to Inuit and their predecessors for thousands of years.

Steelie Design has been fortunate to work with Torngat Mountains National Park, over recent years. Together we have developed a number of creative, promotional pieces including a calendar, brochures and multiple banners.

Almost all projects for the Torngat Mountains National Park face the somewhat unique challenge of accommodating four languages – English, French, Inuktitut roman orthography and Inuktitut syllabic.

Image of a calendar cover with two sample interior pages, designed for Torngat Mountains National Park
Calendar designed by Steelie Design, featuring a series of landscape paintings by France artist, Jean Claude Roy (11.75" × 11.75", folded).
Image of set four of the same brochure, each in a different language, designed for Torngat Mountains National Park
Torngat Mountains National Park “Experiences” visitor experience/activity brochure (4" × 9", folded).
Series of simple graphic banners with solid colours and Inuktitut illustrations
Double-sided hanging banners created as part of a travelling display system (30" × 25", folded and stitched).
Series of horizontal banners featuring large images of Inuit people with images of landscapes in the background
Torngat Mountains special event banners (7' × 3').

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