Sample print design for Finbar’s Irish Pub – ads, promo cards, coasters

Print Design – Finbar’s Brand Refresh/Consolidation

Over the years, Finbar’s Irish Pub has had a number of digital and printed pieced designed by different designers and firms. While each piece worked on its own, placed side-by-side they lacked a certain cohesion that’s essential for a solid and consistent brand.

Together with the client, we took inventory of all the designs done over the years, to determine a direction based on the client’s personal/professional preferences, consistency and appropriateness to the Finbar’s brand.

From there, Steelie Design reduced the number of typefaces used from thirteen to a core set of three, consolidated textures and colours, and created spacing- and alignment-norms to create a visual consistency.

Once the refinements were complete, a full suite of printed pieces and templates were created using the new design standards, creating a unified look and feel across all applications.

Bus shelter posters and newspaper ads featuring some of Finbar’s favourite brunch/lunch options.
Bus shelter posters (17.5" × 25") and newspaper ads (10" × 10"), also modified for the web (500 px × 500 px), featuring some of Finbar’s favourite brunch/lunch options. Oh, that’s banana-bread French toast, by the way – you’re welcome. 😉
Image of a calendar cover with two sample interior pages, designed for Torngat Mountains National Park
A collection of new items design for Finbar’s Irish Pub – tabletop promo card, ambassador card, comment card and drinks/appetizer voucher.
Collection of configurations for the Finbar’s identity showing how to apply them consistently
Acceptable/approved configurations for the Finbar’s identity, showing minimum requirements for margins, to ensuring its consistent application.

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