Illustration showing two samples of a cartoon telescope character, named Tully.

Illustration – Tully the Telescope

Tully, the telescope, was created as a fun and adventurous guide to lead young visitors and their families on a “Quest for the Keys – A Fort Anne Historical Adventure”.

Tully was designed to be an engaging guide that was specifically neither French nor British. Fort Anne changed hands numerous time between the two before the final British takeover in 1710, and Tully, an otherwise inanimate telescope, is able to lead the young adventurers through the quest without showing partiality to either side.

In total, fifteen character drawings of Tully were created and used to lead the quest through activity booklet, and appeared on posters and ads to promote the activity and Fort Anne National Historic Site.

Image with five illustrations of the Tully the Telescope character, each with a different expression.
Sample illustrations of Tully the Telescope from different stops planned in the Fort Anne NHS activity booklet.

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