Illustration showing four illustrations of a cartoon girl beaver character, named Parka: one plain standing pose, one of her actively drumming, one where she’s hiking and one by the campfire.

Illustration – Parks Canada Mascot “Parka”

Parka is the official mascot of Parks Canada, developed to reflect the new Parks Canada brand personality traits – welcoming, cheerful, knowledgeable, passionate, captivating and proactive – with a deep love for nature and a hunger for learning.

My intent was for Parka to be a strong, young, active and curious, female character. As a young girl, not only was she set to buck the trend of virtually all mascots being male, but she would also be able to partake in all of Parks Canada’s natural and historic activities, playing out roles traditionally reserved for both boys/men and girls/women – a positive role model for all.

My character design was used to fabricate the official Parks Canada mascot costumes which can be seen across the country at Canada’s national parks and national historic sites, and special Parks Canada events.

Image with five illustrations of the Tully the Telescope character, each with a different expression.
The official Parks Canada “Parka” mascot costume.

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