Windmill Point Park identity – stylized windmill with text

Identity Design – Windmill Point Park

Windmill Point Park is a family-owned/-operated campground and picnic park, located in Ridgeway, Ontario. It’s a place where visitors can “create new friendships and lasting memories, embrace nature and enjoy the great outdoors, experience family camping or swim in a pristine, spring-fed quarry.”

A couple of years ago, the owners at Windmill Point Park started planning a series of upgrade/expansions to their campground and service, and wanted to refresh their brand to match the new look and feel at their park.

The final solution depicts a clean white windmill, silhouetted against a clear blue sky, with a stretch of green parkland underneath, and a wave of blue water at the bottom to capture the essence of the quarry. The edges were left rough and brush-like to evoke a welcoming sense of friendliness, while a clean, open typeface was chosen to represent the level of quality that visitors have come to know and love.

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