Parks Canada identity – stylized beaver on a log

Identity Design – Parks Canada

While the redesign of Parks Canada beaver symbol happened quite some time ago, it’s still a significant piece worth sharing. It came about at a time where the previous beaver symbol was being scrapped with no intent to replace it. Thankfully, Parks Canada’s Heritage Presentation team in Halifax was able to “save” the beaver symbol, although, the only way it was allowed to happen was with a new design.

Lou Cable Design, one of the top design studio in the region was contracted to oversee the new design. I was employed there at the time and ended up being the primary designer on the identity, art directed by Lou Cable.

The final solution above was 99% completed at Lou Cable Design, but the finishing touches were added by the design team at Parks Canada.

A few years later, I was fortunate enough to work at Parks Canada when they were refreshing their signage standards. During that time, I was able to revisit the beaver symbol I had originally designed, and craft a simplified version, appropriate for use on highway signs.

Parks Canada identity redesign – stylized beaver with coarse hair, sitting on a log
[A] Beaver symbol as completed at Lou Cable Design; [B] Beaver symbol with refinements by design team at Parks Canada; [C] Beaver symbol simplified for signage applications

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